A4 Heavy Industries

Little is known about this corporation, records show its was register back before the Empire Era. It ran several droid automated shipping and trade ship before the Clone Wars. It was a small player in droid manufacturing. Sold some designs for ships from fighters up to Capital Class. There are records that CEC build for them a Super Capital Sized ship that A4 Industries Designed. It vanished along with the rest of A4 Industries shortly after.

After the Empire A4 Industries re-appears as a Automated Manufacturing and Mining company. A Technology Research Company, ship building, transport and trade. Utilizing a custom fleet of Droids.

The CEO is a human by the name of Kyle Tel’daris

The A4 Flagship no longer orbits Coruscant, due to fears of the New Republic about allowing such a large military asset in such close range. The Ship spends most of its time orbiting the star of a uninhabited systems with in a few days of the capital. The ship functions as the headquarters of the company, and hub for its operations. A4 can be reach via HaloNet.

They also produce some of the best HaloNet Gear.


  • A4 Industries took part in the liberation of Coruscant after the Death Start 2 destruction.
  • CEO is a clone of the founder

A4 Heavy Industries

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