The New Galactic Empire.


After the destruction of the second death star, the Old Galactic Empire was thrown into chaos. A few Grand Moffs attempted to take the throne but failed. Soon an heir to Palpatine was found, a biological daughter named Alexandria. Aided by the fact that her flagship was the last Super Star Destroyer left in the entire Galactic fleet, she quickly gained support of the Grand Moffs and the military leadership. There were a few large battles during the re-unification but within five years her ascension to Empress was all but guaranteed.

6 ABE (After Battle of Endor). Alexandria assumes the mantle of Empress. Her first act as Empress, was the creation of the Imperial Senate. The second act was the outlaw of all sith religious practices. She instituted several anti-corruption reforms, and called for an Armistice with the New Galactic Republic.

The goals of the New Galactic Empire are now Order, Justice, Prosperity, Safety and Stability.

Worlds are said to voluntarily enter the Empire, seeking the aid that membership brings.

The New Galactic Empire blames the tyranny of the Galactic Empire on the religious conditioning that Palpatine and Darth Vader were a product of. That the new galactic empire is an enlightened new order that will bring the galaxy into a new Era of cooperation and progress.


All Sith and Jedi Conditioning have been outlawed as just being too dangerous, laying the blame for all previous galactic conflicts at the feet of Sith and Jedi. The Penalty is death.

Galactic Star

The New Galactic Republic having taking control of the city world of Coruscant and the Armistice caused the empire to seek a different location for its throne world. The Empress wanting to not show favoritism to any one member world of the empire, decreed that never will there be a planet capital of the empire, taking her flagship as the new Capital.

16 ABE: The Empress proclaimed that the capital of the New Galactic Empire: the Senate Halls and the Imperial throne was now and forever on the Galactic Star. The moon sized space station with a diameter of 240 kilometers and taking 10 years to construct. The NGR immediately started calling it the third death star. Which is mostly correct, it is the third iteration of the death star plans, but the Empire has yet to use it in aggression. The Empress has called the Galactic Star the eternal legacy of the new empire, a redemption of the past mistakes of her father.

One of the first demonstrations of the power of the Galactic Star was the fast terraformation of a once barren world into a prime paradise world, now called ‘new legacy’.

It is also the hub of Commerce in the NGE. Its location is highly variable, but its time tables are published via the holonet.

Imperial Succession

Much discussion has been made about the Imperial Succession, for now the Succession will follow the line of House Imperial. It name was changed from Palpatine to help heal after the last war.

12 ABE: Empress Alexandria announces the birth of Alexandria Imperial II. The Empress admitted that the inception was performed in a laboratory, where genetic diseases and mental instability could be filtered out, but was carried to term by the Empress herself. The biological father is reported to be the Head of the Imperial Knights, the order charged with the protection of the Empress. ‘A fine genetic candidate, to produce my successor’ stated the Empress when asked about the ‘Imperatrix’.

The Imperial Senate voted to enshrine the practice of meritocratic genetic paring with the existing emperor as a requirement for succession.


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